Cheeky Florets…

“Like wildflowers, you must allow yourself to grow
in all the places people thought you never would.”
― E.V
sassy florets

Growing in the shadows,
the untamed in bloom,
delicately placed
they timidly loom…
arising from foliage,
eclipsing shrubs,
cheeky florets sticking out their tongue…



At times…


At times I feel
the heaviness
of your physical absence,
and the intensity
my already fragile heart…

Leaden tears spill
in echo chambers,
clanging me into wakefulness…

Impassioned conversations
flood my imagination
on anguished nights,
and I wonder
if I’m forgiven for my part in all of this?
The words keep
turning over,
flushing through my brain
wounding me with imputation…

“what could I have done better?”

Just hollow words
bouncing off stars
trying to find their way to you,
they bear the resemblance
of confessions…
desiring expression,
in a morass of spewed out grief…

And I hear you say, almost out loud…
“Mom, you did everything right, I was never meant to stay!”

and I return to the arms of Morpheus…


I wait to be light….✿Rumi

light and darkness

I’m not really anything,
but a soul
afloat in a sea of flesh,
experiencing contrasts of light and darkness,
love and hatred,
war and peace,
trying to clamber my way back to you.
craving reunion…

I was with you before the foundation of the Earth
when my soul was pure
and unschooled…

I descended into form
wanting to be sentient
to be moved
to be given choice
to become the likeness of you…

Gravity kept pulling me back
to my earthen roots
to my soul’s evolution…

with love as my only quest,
I have been able to see
with the eyes of my heart,
that in the depths
of terrible affliction
sacredness truly exists…

I am washed
in translucent starlight,
arrayed with invisible wings,
and each time I return to light
I am grounded
in the truth of being…

should I be purged
of all darkness,
or should I just keep remembering
from whence
I came? …