The silent dancer


He wore his suit today
the tailored one.
The one that
shone a little
in the sun.

He felt as though
he was going to the ball
a lavish affair.
He sparkled some.

In understanding the mime
he was voiceless
in a gentle way.

The coins fell heavily
into his tin can,
and he came alive
with dance.

He gyrated for a moment
his face alight
but with no expression.

As he watched through darkened lenses
his fans approached.
For those who appreciated
his craft
he did an extra swirl.

Michael Jackson
could have been there
as he pirouetted in the dirt.

He went home weary
from the dance,
though a little elated.
Knowing full well
that he had been an entertainer
for the day!

He smiled as he recalled
the children’s faces.
His tin can overflowing
as he carried home
his reward!



Mosaic magic

Since I have become a bit more of a regular blogger, I’ve seen a lot of imaginative blogs in cyberspace.

I was inspired to drive around our little village and look for interesting things to photograph.

We have a Mosaic project here and the employment opportunities are endless. It beautifies the surroundings and brings tourists,  a valuable commodity.

A Mosaic Art tour was launched in 2013 and the Tour Guide is a crafter who delights in telling stories about every mosaic installation.

Workshops are held on certain days to teach the basics of Mosaics.

Come with me on a little tour……

Teaching family values outside the Post Office…


The heartbeat of the Village…


A magnificent welcome to the Veterinary Surgery…


Beautifying our Municipal Offices….


The War Memorial outside the Town Hall….


This is to commemorate the World Cup that we hosted in 2010. It’s outside the Library…


A beautiful symbol of Unity with words to inspire. If you look closely you can see Children’s hands in the cement…


Taking a rest on the bench outside the Town Hall…


Businesses commission the team to create Artwork for their premises…


This is our big fish on the walkway to the beach…


The Lovely Guinea fowl on the traffic circle in the centre of town…


and lastly our giant Tortoise outside the Bowling club…


I hope you enjoyed the tour 🙂

Old Photographs (part four)

mary-3Those effervescent summer evenings
brought friends around.
A home cooked meal,
drinks on the veranda,
friendly banter,
made it feel like home.

Yet she missed
the snow in winter,
and those fireside chats
with her Mum.

Her home was soon filled
with the laughter
of four children.
They consumed her time
and her energy.
Her Mum flew out
to ease the burden.

An uprising
threatened their security.
The children were not safe,
they said.
A rebellion
against injustice.
Another brutal war,
blood shed on a beautiful land!

Sadness fell upon
the beloved country!
Fear mounted.
They said goodbye to friends
to travel South
to find a new home.

Those memories held them close
The mountains of the moon,
the open plains of the Serengeti.
Close friends
kept in touch
and were never forgotten.

Monday Meditation


“Don’t let a mad world tell you that success is anything other than a successful present moment.”
Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose

Did I forget meditation
when madness
moved too fast?
Has frenzy trapped
my senses!

I won’t listen
to that mocking voice
inside my head.
It speaks without hesitation,
the automatic voice,
that disturbs quietness!

There is beauty in silence.
I find it in the portions
of the inner mind
where peace exists!

The harmony of my consciousness
can be reached.
It dwells in the present moment!

I can no longer
take on despair.
My being is unwilling to accept it,
the weariness
has become apparent.
I won’t hold its toxic form!

Survival is in plain sight.
The regret of yesterday
is confined,
the fear of tomorrow
is only in my imagination.

I will serve stillness
and gaze upon
its attractiveness.
I will become fully acquainted
with restfulness.

I’m running through the fields
of forgiveness.
I’m putting my hope
in contentment.
I’m imbibing the kindness
that costs nothing!

Let me stop and smell
vibrant flowers
and observe that
gigantic moon!
The birdsong is my melody
and the trees
my mentors!

I feel my ego fading
with tranquility
in attendance.

The sun can have
its glory back
as the silence speaks!