A miracle is a shift in perception, from fear to love…
― Marianne Williamson

fairies 1

i wanted to run away,
to keep my broken heart at bay.

never to be heard of again,
to let this be
my journey’s end!

to live in forests of evergreen,
liberate my life,
so bitter-sweet.

i’d play with fairies all day long,
and they would know lamentation songs.

i’d let cicadas deafen my ears,
and forest pools would
contain my tears!

i’d call out
your name,
in echoing tones,
and feel the resonance
of the whole earth groan!

i’d breathe the air of tranquility,
and put on robes of nobility!

then, i’d slumber on moss green floors
and feel my aspect,
being restored.

my bones would crumble to the earth,
in homage of my soul’s rebirth….



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