The Stars were rearranged

Day twenty two……

No one knows what has been taken from you
When the silence of absence deepens.
― John O’Donohue

the night sky pixabay

Shaped by heavenly aspect,
infused with sacred breath,
seperation poured out,
the hopelessness of death!

An existence I’d known,
had ceased to be,
beneath celestial oceans, my eyes could barely see!

I was stranded in a universe where the stars were out of reach,
and darkness was gathering,
my heart had been besieged!

Auguries and sightings foretold illusive dreams,
I held remembrance
by any mystical means.

I did not feel favoured,
the night my life changed,
so at the behest of the Angels,
the stars were rearranged.

Andromeda shifted,
I returned to holy dust,
stars found new positions,
the entire cosmos hushed!

In the chasm of the slipstream where bright stars had been,
I inhaled a new perspective,
in heaven’s time machine.

It took me to the night, my life was realigned,
to supernatural presence,
forever intertwined.

With love’s illumination, and gracious sacrifice,
black-holes of sorrow,
led to portholes of paradise.

So I said to the stars, go back to your home,
I’m at peace with the cosmos,
I’ll never be alone!

Image courtesy Pixabay


7 thoughts on “The Stars were rearranged

  1. Oh, Ally, this is my favorite poem yet, and I love so many you’ve written. The depth of emotion and sorrow leading to a new understanding of our human experience was all present in this piece when the stars realigned. Im inspired by your gift. Thank you for sharing your gift with us. Much love❤️ -Sue

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