Counting my blessings

“Just let go. Let go of how you thought your life should be, and embrace the life that is trying to work its way into your consciousness.”
― Caroline Myss

a daisy

Forgotten gratitude
from my form.
In cavernous pity
my vision impaired,
in screams
I prayed.

“Surrender again
to the life you didn’t choose”

……And I flowed into fields
of tenderness,
gathering blossoms
of love
and acceptance,
that spilt from
reservoirs of favor.

I streamed back
to the harmony
of being.

I’m counting my blessings
one petal at a time.
Awakening to the love songs
that emanate
from my soul…….


10 thoughts on “Counting my blessings

      • I can relate, Ally. Grief and sorrow weigh us down and I tend to spiral downward. It is only through a conscious process of gratitude that I can bring myself back. I also try to be thankful for the many years I had with my younger brothers and focus on their lives and legacy rather than their death. Easier said than done at times. Sending you love and hugs❤️😘

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