Nature’s jubilation

Devastating fires swept through our area a year ago.
It destroyed many farmlands, forests and homesteads.
Sadly some lives where lost.
A year on and they are rebuilding, replanting and restoring.
Fire can take so much away, but it can never destroy the human spirit.
Volunteers from all over the world have helped to rebuild Eden.
Today we went to the farm “Heartland” to help plant trees.
There were hundreds of people on the land planting trees and singing.
Nature was rejoicing with them…

a fire


In a cathedral of trees,
where charred remains
stand proud,
I consent to repose,
on scarred
ashen ground.

The forest growth
in the dancing light,
forgetting that inferno,
when heartland
lost her fight.

Whispering sweet nothings
in the sacredness
of dreams,
an undergrowth
of memory,
jubilation streams.

Praise is lifted high,
a symphony
of birds,
the land is set to rest
when joyful Earthlings serve.



11 thoughts on “Nature’s jubilation

  1. We live in β€œfire” county now and I’ve been so impressed how folks in the rural community look out for one another. Beautiful poem to the spirit of community and power of nature ❀️

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