Becoming radiant….

“Where there is ruin, there is hope for a treasure.”
― Rumi

becoming radiant

I don’t want to bore you with copious tears,
cacophonous nightmares,
and irrational fears!

I’ve tried to move on from ruination’s abyss,
play chords of a love song,
but the deep groan persists!

Perhaps I should hemorrhage out once again,
befriend my sorrow,
and have words with my pain!

It’s with intense sadness of love that I’m lost,
the memories, the remorse,
the chasms I’ve crossed.

But look…..
I’m becoming radiant,
little by little.
Incandescent light
glows out from the middle!

With intention,
not time,
I’m trudging along,
unearthing the treasure of
my soul dialogue.

Perfectly fashioned in the image of the divine,
I sift through the chaos,
knowing I’ll survive!!



18 thoughts on “Becoming radiant….

  1. I noticed that you just looked at my ‘Beauty Spot’? 🙂
    But – you seemed never to have followed the link I presented? This I do not understand? Not if you became a ‘follower’ because you liked Norway and Norwegian nature? Do you think you have seen it all? You have not!
    My best advice to you: Please go back to the Beauty spot, and – open that link! You won’t be sorry!

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  2. Absolutely beautiful, Ally! And so true – you will survive – and your poetry thrives. If sorrow comes bearing gifts, your poetry is a treasure that expands the universe! Thank you for sharing your gift, painful as they may be. Much love ♥♥♥


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