A Child of light’s wonderful secret…

“You were born a child of light’s wonderful secret— you return to the beauty you have always been.”

stevie bubbly

Into pure and exquisite light,
he transcended on that dreadful night,
He now resides
with celestial beings,
in the Universe
of all seeing…

and frolics on the Milky Way
where mellifluous tones ricochet,
with pathways festooned with flowers
and light cascading
in dazzling showers.

He bathes in love
and boundless peace,
where sacred wonders never cease…

Welcomed home by luminous hosts,
of unconditional love
they boast.
He underwent this transformation
guided into
caught up in aspects of joy,
were fear and sorrow are destroyed.

Connected to cosmic vibrations,
realms of jubilant
his soul found its immortal home,
no more to restlessly seek or roam.

He is nothing like his Earthly form,
when death ravaged
and decay swarmed….

Unveiled into breathtaking sights,
his contrasts are eternal light……..



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