Gone too soon

“The human soul doesn’t want to be advised or fixed or saved.
It simply wants to be witnessed.”
― Parker J. Palmer, A Hidden Wholeness: The Journey Toward an Undivided Life


Entanglements of sorrow,
crushing despair,
in each remembrance,
I find you there!

Undignified eruptions of a jumbled mind,
untold lamentations
are left behind…

I’m pressed into sadness
at the very core,
unraveled emotions splattered on the floor!

Picking myself up,
I spin out of control,
incoherent screams,
I cannot withhold…

Ranting in the hallways,
shouting at the moon
releasing the anguish,
“He’s gone to soon”…


Postscript….Going to the bank to settle his affairs,
a brutal reminder that he’s no longer here…………


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