Leave it all behind…

“I’ll decide
In a moment’s time
To turn away
Leave it all behind”
― Moby


Plunged into saffron ambiance, on luminescent plains,
watercolored tinctures,
freed from unbearable pain!

Absorbed by dew-eyed appearance, drenched in lavender shades,
from indigo vistas
I’m imbued in serenades….

Multicolored wonders in meadows of tomorrow,
brushing away the gravity of dreadful sorrow!

Ethereal impressions that made an imprint
the veil between us
becoming indistinct…

and from meandering estuaries,
warm tears have flowed
in crystal reservoirs, where limpid dreams explode!

Treasures of eternity move in a boundless expanse.
In diaphanous sunlight,
I merge with sacred dance!


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