“Your body is away from me, but there is a window open from my heart to yours.”
― Rumi

rainbow colors

I felt my sorrow shifting, the day you took my hand,
radiantly submerged
in heaven’s wonderland.

In the twinkling of an eye
my greatest fears were hushed,
my wounds assuaged
in the glow of cosmic dust…

You showed me how we plunged into celestial seas,
you brought me to “Heartland”
where your spirit had been free…

You told me you were whole again,
that nothing weighed you down,
and in the afterlife
purity could be found.

You danced to the moves
that brought me to tears
told me that you loved me
and I never had to fear…
you’d always be with me
even in my dreams
you reminded me of the colors
of breathtaking scenes.

Your essence is around me in everything I do,
and when I’m sad
your energy breaks through.

I’ve seen hearts and butterflies and signs in the skies,
you surprise me with evidence
that bedazzles my eyes.


6 thoughts on “Evidence..

  1. this explains so much to a grieving heart, most of all to a grieving mother’s heart. I need to know his spirit is free at last. He had so many burdens, poor boy who loved too much and felt deeply. I pray your beautiful son knows this peace now and that people he doesn’t know yet are thinking and praying for him.

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    • Thank you Gina, I connected with a Medium and she said that my son is happy and at peace, it brought me an immense amount of joy. He even did his little dance for her. I really appreciate your prayers…lots of love! 🙂

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      • Ally that is something I have contemplated doing but do not have the resources here. That he has communicated that little dance is evidence enough he is in a good place and that is all that matters. As mothers we cannot stop wanting to care and love them. I am rejoicing with your knowledge that has given you this peace, may it hold you on the days when grief creeps in. Hugs Ally.

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      • I follow a group on Facebook called Helping Parents Heal and I have found wonderful resources through them.
        I think it was a turning point for me to have a reading because it felt as if he was in the room with me. Have a lovely day Gina!


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