It’s like the time…

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”
― Bob Marley

dancing queen

It’s like the time
when I knew each song,
naive notions
that nothing could go wrong.
Music playing on turntables,
I was dreaming of being famous!
And I danced to the beat of Night Fever,
spurned lovers,
lonesome dreamers.
Pop posters on my walls
connected with
the live applause
I always was a dancing queen,
just seventeen!

I lived in unchained melodies,
and blues
my therapy.
Seeking solace in soul lyrics,
confessions of
a teenage spirit,
to learn the truth at seventeen
that love was meant
for beauty queens,
a shock
for girls with freckled faces
yoked into
a friendless matrix.
Enthralled by revolution songs…
so really,
what could go wrong?



10 thoughts on “It’s like the time…

  1. So many images came to mind while reading this poem! I think I did all those things too…and then there was the “adulting” phase. I’m trying to recapture the enthusiasm of that young girl who believed “everything is possible” as I navigate through middle age. Great poem, Ally♥

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    • Thanks Sue…it seems as though we have a lot in common. I too, have been trying to recapture those parts of me that are not bound by intransigent belief. A carefree girl that believed “anything was possible”, just like you….
      the real me! 🙂


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