Stick with love…

stick with love

Hatred and anger
is everywhere,
bringing dissension,
causing despair.
Eating Earthlings alive,
when animosity collides!

Look up to the skies
and you’ll be surprised,
that love is all around,
in fragrant air,
in every sound.
When all of nature sings,
the smell of flowers in early spring.
Reaching up to the heavens,
pouring down
untold blessings,
swallows on a summer’s day,
assuaging your dismay.

Just seek
and you will find
maybe it’ll blow your mind.
Spread it on real thick,
an outpouring can do the trick.
Fall in love every day,
with Earthlings along the way,
see it in their smiles
if needs be…
go the extra mile.

Understand their fears,
a little magic
may just appear.
You’ll feel it
in the undergrowth
when those you secretly loathe,
burst forth into shining light,
and becoming bright!

Love instead of hate
before it’s too late!!


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