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I’m the king of this castle!
Im the king of this castle


Grief’s Quagmire…

Day Eighteen…

“No one knows what has been taken from you
When the silence of absence deepens.”
― John O’Donohue, To Bless the Space Between Us: A Book of Blessings


In a riverbed
flooded with tears,
caked with mud up to her ears…
she wallowed
and squelched
unable to stand,
in a morass of sorrow
she’d been damned…

And the sediment oozed, unraveling her might,
she’d been sucked under
by hostile blight…
she sloshed and waded
gasping for air,
screaming out from this boggy lair…

to escape
the quicksands of time,
she groveled in
unyielding grime…

And from
grief’s quagmire,
she watched the skies,
she eulogized….
calling out in utter distress,
into dark mud
she coalesced…

The cool sludge
her ghastly pain,
and sacred tears
with healing rains….

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My mom Natalie

What a beautiful soul who touched so many lives. I will miss you terribly darling Natalie, but I know we will meet again in the garden of your dreams…

Sacred Touches

* My mom was an eloquent writer–an artist with words.

* My mom was a gardener–waiting and working expectantly for spring and the roses that abound in her yard right now.

*My mom was photographer–enjoying the colors and sights that God put into this world.

*My mom was a quilter–making each quilt a special treasure for the one she was making it for.

*My mom loved me fiercely–I’m proud to call her my mom.

**Most importantly, my mom knew Jesus Christ as her Savior and Lord–God forgave her for her sins because she called on Jesus in faith!

My mom met Jesus face-to-face on Monday the 8th. We will all miss her terribly but are glad we get to see her in Heaven one day!

Thank you to all mom’s blog friends. I know she loved you. Here are pics of her garden blooming right now!

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Shine on you crazy diamond….

“Remember when you were young,
you shone like the sun.
Shine on you crazy diamond.”
― Pink Floyd

zeb diamond

My son always used to say to me when he came to visit us;
“isn’t it time you got a dog, Mom?
the cat isn’t glad to see me!”
I told him that the cat was easier to manage and didn’t require that much attention.

When my son changed worlds we had a cute Kitten called Ziggy-Stardust.
Sadly last October, a year after my son’s passing,
he was killed on the road outside our house.
About a month before Ziggy-Stardust crossed the rainbow bridge,
I had a reading with a medium, in order to contact my son.
It was a happy reading and my son came through in full force.
What baffled me though, was that he said we had a dog that could see him, which we didn’t at the time…(we still had Ziggy-Stardust)

When our cat was run over, we decided to get a rescue dog.
His name is Zebidiah which means “gift from God”…Zeb for short.
My son loved Pink Floyd and I dedicated the song “Shine on you crazy diamond” to him, we played it at his celebration.

I have only just realized that Zeb has a diamond on his back, and maybe, just maybe my son sent him to us…they say they can see the future from the other side.

Well anyway, I take it as a sign…
“Shine on you crazy diamond!”


She gave him to the waters…

May you be blessed with a wise and compassionate guide
who can accompany you through the fear and grief
until your heart has wept its way to your true self.
― John O’Donohue, To Bless the Space between Us: A Book of Blessings

gave him to the waters

she gave him to the waters mixed with her tears,
she gave him to the Universe,
to all that coheres…
she let him be free
to explore celestial realms,
she knew the winds would return him when she was overwhelmed…

She touched the ocean, to feel his immortal essence;
she sensed his aura
in sunlight’s fluorescence…

The rains immersed her
in sacrificial response,
allowing deeper meaning
when grief became prolonged…

He is all the colors of prismatic skies,
ever watchful….
he speaks
through butterflies…

He returns to her each morning,
before she awakes,
collecting her tears,
he leaves a cosmic trace…
vowing to never leave her
he is effulgent light,
arousing consciousness,
renewing her delight…

vibrations within her
remind her
she’s not alone
with the kindness of Angels, she is greatly bestowed…