A Slippery slope…

“Be love, so much love that when others are with you they are love too!”
Paul Selig, I Am the Word

slippery slope

You used your words to diminish us,
to belittle us
from your high towers 
of knowledge,
of superiority…
In callous sounds and gestures
you brought unkindness to our hurting world,
that broke our hearts…
You would not listen to our beliefs, you took no time of day
to hear us out,
hubris had dulled your thinking
arrogance had taken hold
grasped not peace…
And He told of your resonance, as a clanging gong,
when pride had set the stage,
when you disparaged us…
And we peered into the utter emptiness of your soul
that day,
And it scared us beyond belief!
And He declared if we have not love
We are nothing…

Angels fear those grounds where love fails to exist,
a slippery slope
into hollow worship of the egoic mind,
self-salvation projects
running riot…
Forgetting who our God really is…
You slept only with doctrines of men…
oblivious of His creation
and messengers of faith…

Yet He still shines His eternal light of love in those lofty places where darkness gathers,
Seeking to upend you
To break you wide open
And to scatter you
So that your dead bones dance
And the letting of your blood transforms you into something lovely
Something sacred
That pain may bring you back to your senses
More than your physical body
Awakened in the very deepest part of your soul…

And in those days of reckoning
You will understand
The outcast
He will cease to be scorned and invisible to you
And You will see his holy light
You will feel his dreadful shame
In the very pit of you
You will remember how you turned away
And then you will be given the power to reach into his substance
And know
Once and for all
that we are all one in the radiance of God’s love…

Disclaimer…The ranting of a lover of the Light!


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