What if…

“There’s nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be…”
― John Lennon

what if

What if I could have you back again
what would it mean?
If your body was raised from the dead
would I be manipulating time?
And if I could hold you would I be imposing my will?
And for a minute would all the particles realign?

Would history change, if I demanded my way,
and would I be able to see all things
and in that knowing
would I change my mind?

What if I could have you back again
would you want to leave perfect peace behind
to be weighed down once more
by your physical body?

Would I want my will to be done,
so that I could have you back again
and would it only be
for selfish reasons?

Why would I want to have you back again,
when I know eternity is beautiful
and your form is filled with light
and you are free!

So, what if I could have you back again,
would I be mistrusting God’s plan?

And if I continuously question your death
does it mean I have stopped believing in a safe Universe
and do I think that God doesn’t know what He is doing?

Would I want to take you from the fragrance
of His loving-kindness,
would I want you to be burdened,
no longer free
no longer safe
no longer in the arms of the Divine?

And in this tragic circumstance
would I really want to change anything,
and anyway
is it really tragic to change worlds
to float amongst the stars
to be full of light
and surrounded and encapsulated by love?

I would not want you back again if it meant I was subverting the perfect Universal plan…


8 thoughts on “What if…

  1. i fought with God on this Ally, but He told me to let my son go. It is so hard, I just want to tear that fabric of time and bring him back, but I know he is free now, so yes it would be so selfish of me. your words pierce my soul. i know that pain you carry, I wish it could get lighter for us both.

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    • It was an interesting exercise and in doing it I realized that everything will be okay in the end…and all things are made perfectly and done at the exact right time. I’m spilling words again in the hope I will break open and pour out. I still have that peace that passes understanding in spite of the pain….I hope you feel it too sweet Gina?

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