Son of the soil…

Hamba Kahle Johnny Glegg…
☆”We are the scatterlings of Africa, on our journey to the stars.”☆

Johnny glegg

A towering giant has fallen
with the passing of legendary Singer-songwriter
& Anthropologist Johnny Clegg.
A torchbearer of the struggle for freedom.
#whitezulu #sonofAfrica


Oh, how I miss you…

natalie scarsberry

**Photo taken in her yard by Natalie; text added by Natalie

Dear Natalie
Oh, how I miss you, my sweet friend,
please say it’s not the end…
of the glorious scent of your perfume,
in gardens
where we rendezvoused…
of listening tones
assuaging my groans,
with your soft voice,
you dulled the noise…

Across immense oceans,
I felt your warm devotion…
in sympathetic words
showing me concern…
I miss your loving presence,
you’ve always been a blessing…

though you’ve changed into light
your radiance is still so bright,
I feel you gently breathing, in gardens of Eden
until we meet again, on this journey that has no end…….

A tribute to Mary Oliver…

“Instructions for living a life.
Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.”
― Mary Oliver

wild geese mary oliver

Your poetry
touched me in my tender parts,
where broken fragments
lacerated my heart.

When I craved
you helped me
my untamed spirit
and believe,
yes believe
in my
one wild
and precious life.

In your fearlessness
as Woman
as Poet
you spoke out in
a strong voice
and in so doing,
empowered me to find mine,
beneath the debris
of self-loathing.

At the time when,
remnants of shame
had whirled up
and struck me
nearly killing me.

I return to your words,
when my lifeless form
rebukes me.
Your poetry
can shatter
this self-made cage
and break open prison bars,
to unravel the mystery…..
of saving the one and only life that I can save!

And I run again through fields
of affectionate flowers
to love once more the mortal
and hold it.

Yes I received that box of darkness
the one you spoke of
and like a little child
I await its gift.

Oh and I really do try
to be whimsical
to be married to amazement
like you
to be blessed where I stand!

I’m here to tell you
I paid attention
and I have been astonished…

And I’ve learned not to walk on my knees for a hundred miles through the desert,
But rather to soar
with the wild geese
over everything
floating above this difficult world.

And I can hear your words
“ death
isn’t darkness, after all,
but so much light
wrapping itself around us–”

Thank you for getting me through those times
death swallowed me whole,
and I had stopped believing in myself….

Image courtesy of PixaBay
Excerpts from Mary Olivers Poems included…


Stumbled into love

Happy 75th Birthday, Richard Rohr…
“Like the wind, the Spirit blows where it will (John 3:8). There has been more than enough wind at my back—and more than enough seeing and encountering of Love—for all of these 75 years. All of it was given, never acquired, merited, or even fully understood. I just stumbled into Love again and again. And was held by it.”
― Richard Rohr


I’m in a tempest,
the wind at my back,
stumbled into love,
seen light through the crack!

When I wasn’t looking,
grace found me,
I was held by devotion,
in an affectionate sea.

Broken and bruised,
ruined by life,
I’m being reconfigured,
by His glorious design.


So, the stars dance for you?

I memorialized my son’s Facebook page today. It was so hard looking at his photograph and reminding myself that he’s gone.
I want people to talk about him and I never want him to be forgotten.
For me it is a beautiful reminder to hold in my heart forever, thank you Facebook.

my stevie

so, the stars dance
for you
and the moon shows her favour,
the planets know your name,
with each nebula
you savour,
and when we meet again,
merged by His grace,
on cosmic winds,
far beyond this Earthly trace,
in my heart
I have perceived,
you’re more alive than you’ve ever been….


A luminous Diamond in her day….

My Mother passed into glory 33 years ago this month.
This is a tribute to her…..

mum 3There was gentleness about her eyes
a luminous diamond in her day.
I felt emotion in her sighs,
her dreams to love and so to pray.

No words express a heart that cries,
fears she had I dare not say.
Her endless love and soul ties,
hopes and dreams they go astray…

We meet at night above the skies,
dancing beyond the Milky Way.
In the canopy of stars time flies,
when past the asteroids we play.

There was gentleness about her eyes
they were of an ashen grey
I felt emotion in her sighs
into radiance she found her way….


Gone but not forgotten

“When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.”
― Kahlil Gibran

gone but not forgotten

an empty house
the walls can’t speak,
nights are quiet,
floor boards
don’t creak

tapestries of remembrance
flood my dreams,
faint sounds
still live
bygone routines

where shadows
tussle with my heart,
a presence gone,
fallen apart

just drifting on a lonely cloud,
calling out,
my feelings

your name
is whispered
under my breath,
without you,
i appear bereft

hoping this is
just a dream,
i awake
to find
grief’s extremes

tears fall
softly on my bed,
i’m captured by

in the reality
of what this means,
i still search
for you
in gossamer beams

i’ll face the day
to celebrate your life,
you were
on loan to us
for just a while