Thorn Trees…

On our adventures, we came across many interesting aspects of nature…

thorn trees

Thorn trees prickle
in the heat
of the day,
yellow blooms
in fuzzy bouquets…
Contrasting aspects
really up close,
acquiring an air of the grandiose…



valuable daughters
the richness of Africa
tokens of repect


*Lobola; a bride price, typically of cattle, paid to a bride’s father.
THE traditional custom of lobola, also known as “bride-price” or “bride-worth”, may sometimes be misunderstood by western eyes but in African culture, it is a ritual that helps to bring two families closer together.
It is aimed at developing mutual respect, and showing that a woman’s future husband is capable of financially supporting his wife.
It is a token of thanks and appreciation on the groom’s part to the family of the bride for their care over her and for allowing her to become his wife.