The Altar of heaven…

“And think not you can direct the course of love,
for love, if it finds you worthy. directs your course.”
― Khalil Gibran, The Prophet

blue butterflies

In unrehearsed moments
when the call came
and the earth’s vibration was in perfect harmony…
their souls reached out to the stars in blissful alignment…

standing before the altar of heaven…
with Time Lords
and indigo butterflies
in attendance,
the elements pardoned their impediments…
and so they spake their vows out loud
to an audience of angels
and light-filled beings…

distance had no agenda
as tree nymphs
whispered their agreement
through forests
and over great expanses of time
in atmospheres where love never fails…

joyous movement filled the air
with beings coalescing
in Elysium fields
of deep reflection…

They bequeathed divinity
in ceremonies
of lawful abode…
saturated by the abundance of nature
skywalkers danced
to a symphony of colored ether in luminous fusion…

they were standing in Eden…

image courtesy of PixaBay…


Things I say in the dark…

“Your body is woven from the light of heaven. Are you aware that its purity and swiftness it the envy of angels and its courage keeps devils away”
― Rumi


Did the Angels know
you’d fallen,
did they see you transcend?
When the earth
was still
that moment, 
did you know it was the end?
Did the pain
fall silently,
did you watch
it dissipate?
And tell me,
when you flew to heaven,
did the stars scintillate? 

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When you found me…

“Some people are truly beautiful. The light of beauty shines through their souls. And the world gets drenched in their inimitable light of love.”
― Avijeet Das

flowers near the heads knysna

When you found me
in the darkness,
you brought me
back to life,
with calming reassurance 
and I knew I had arrived…
so I reached towards the heavens
where vibrant colors fuse…
realizing it’s possible
that you’ve always been my muse?




“Invisible threads are the strongest ties.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche

they move together

they move together like liquid air
assuaging grief
with soulful prayer,
relating in symphonies,
echoing love’s divinity…
soul ties,
covenants undisguised…
shifting with the cosmic flow,
merging into
a radiant glow…
consciousness survives,
in memories
cemented by sacred breath
never parted
not even in death…

Art by Elize…


Butterfly effect…

So I skipped two days of Poetry Month….tra la la…
now for a sad poem…hold your breath!

shrine 2

My son went to the afterlife
and I must carry on…
his presence
still lingers
though his body is gone…
and I live each day with his memory
emblazoned on my mind,
keeping his treasured kit
in a beloved little shrine…
and some may think I’m crazy,
completely off my head,
but these are the things that enable me, to get out of bed…
and I wake
each morning
with sunlight in my eyes,
hoping it’s just a dream
and he’ll materialize…