Pity me not beloved…

“To pity someone is to see the person as a victim and thus overlook the great courage demonstrated in living the planned challenge.”
― Robert Schwartz, Your Soul’s Plan


the sun set on my tears
and the moon rose
in the skies,
my bed was soaked in sorrow
and the cosmos
heard my cries…

pity me not beloved
for I’m blessed
with the will to breathe,
the courage they bestowed on me
succors my belief…

and Angels touched my eyes
serenading me in sleep
collecting every tear
that no more
could I weep…

and a bright eos woke me
into a new day,
with blackbirds calling
chasing fear away…


Her name…


Her name
was conceived
by heaven,
in a gathering of sounds…
recognized by the Angels, 
with honor
she was crowned…
and the call bequeathed
her worthy,
of courage
and praise…
an anthem to the Most High
for all of her days…

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The envy of the evergreens….

“How did the rose ever open its heart and give to this world all its beauty?
It felt the encouragement of light against its Being.
Otherwise, we all remain too frightened”― Hafez

icecream bush

Sprinkled with dew
dressed in cerise,
she caught my eye,
her purpose to please,
and remind me of 
the continuance of life,
a revival of the Earth’s glorious design…

Once inconspicuous
no spark at all
drab and colorless
shyly blushing near the wall…

Until radiance poured from the heavens and endowed her with divine blessings…

She was once in hiding
not wanting
to be seen,
now she’s the envy of the evergreens…



Recipe for removal of bitterness…

I was going to participate in the poetry month for April but I realize it takes up so much of my time, so I’m going to do it intermittently… 🙂
This is my recipe for April the first! (one day late)

recipe for bitterness

Mix in sweet gratitude and let it seep…
Take dollops
of surrender
And pour in deep…
Let presence enfold you
immersing the pain,
on a low heat of forgiveness
whisk in the remains…
of grace and mercy,
with heapfuls of love,
blended with compassion,
and using kit gloves,
sharpness will boil away, as you ladel out blessings
count them very slowly,
it may be messy…
it may take courage to let it dissolve,
bake on high and
you will evolve…

bitterness is removed
with loads of patience
serve with love
and dedication…

Breaking down walls…

“The most powerful moments of our lives happen when we string together the small flickers of light created by courage, compassion, and connection and see them shine in the darkness of our struggles.”
― Brené Brown, Daring Greatly

sinkholes of despair

I almost lost my words in sinkholes of despair,
unhinged by memories, of a melancholy glare.

The music had faded,
the world was opaque,
from tragedy’s tales,
I found no escape.

I was on the cusp of owning my story
breaking down walls,
striding towards glory…..

When enlivened with courage
I inhaled
living breath.
I extinguished the grip
of fixation
and death.

And I spoke out my blessings in syllables of light,
and bravery chanted,
restoring my sight…..