Woodland goddess

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

woodland goddess

With outstretched arms she stroked the heavens,
in flurries of untold blessings.

Beneath her awnings of shady solace,
a quietly
woodland goddess…

…where magic flickered
in her midst
with winsome moves she gently kissed,
the many suitors
who sought her shade,
under emerald canopies
they played…

in nonchalant moods of such delight,
she smiled
and swayed
from unruffled heights…




Quiet reflections…

“You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?”― Rumi

butterfly closeup

soaring heavenward
on luminous
butterflies hover
and prickle my skin.

mellow nuances fill the air,
quiet reflections
that have
no cares…

I put my trust
in sacred
vibrant colors
and furry limbs.

tiny creatures whose
lives are
brought to my senses
on holy ground…


Finding peace…

“In the Lakota/Sioux tradition, a person who is grieving is considered most wakan, most holy. There’s a sense that when someone is struck by the sudden lightning of loss, he or she stands on the threshold of the spirit world. The prayers of those who grieve are considered especially strong, and it is proper to ask them for their help.
You might recall what it’s like to be with someone who has grieved deeply. The person has no layer of protection, nothing left to defend. The mystery is looking out through that person’s eyes. For the time being, he or she has accepted the reality of loss and has stopped clinging to the past, or grasping at the future. In the groundless openness of sorrow, there is a wholeness of presence and a deep natural wisdom.”
― Tara Brach, True Refuge: Finding Peace and Freedom in Your Own Awakened Heart


On holy grounds of mourning, miracles exist,
belief in a knowing that faith will persist.

Watching for signs in the supernatural flow,
hope inclines with sacred gifts bestowed!

The awakened heart envisions light getting in,
mysterious breath of life, even closer than my skin…

Silent Sunday

fields of bright daisies

if you should find yourself complaining
and discontent
go out into fields of happy flowers
and see how they follow the sun
see how their faces glow at midday
like sun worshipers
dancing in the gentle breeze
and let blessings fall
like blossoms all around you  #Rumi
in gratitude
kneel on the soft ground and be thankful
for you are wonderfully made
He who has placed His favor on you
and gives you new mercies everyday…..


My mind wandered free…..

“Look deep, deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.
– Albert Einstein | Nature Quotes”
― Albert Eintsein

hoekwil country cafe

I escaped
to tranquil outlooks,
and imbibed
calm scenery,
consumed inviting pleasures
amid luscious greenery.

In repose on
verdant hillsides,
my mind wandered free,
sensations of belonging to
cosmic reveries!


There you were……

“Don’t grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form.”

the light of eternity

Yesterday I was desolate, imprisoned by fear
the walls closed in,
no cadence could I hear.

Stumbling in darkness, I had lost my way
searching for you,
unqualified to pray.

Then I stepped into light,
new visions I saw,
harbingers of eternity unlocked the door,
and led me
to where
living waters flow,
indescribable views
a cosmic glow,
and there you were tall and wise
radiating light
right before my eyes.

You imparted healing in transcendent song,
and exhaled peace
with the heavenly throngs…