angel sightings

Before I could see
I perceived the sun
and dreamed the rain…
Before I could breathe
I experienced
the flow of cosmic realms…
Before I could hear
I felt deep vibrations
of love…
Before I could touch
I was wrapped in sacred arms…
Before I could feel
I was surrounded
by divine presence…
Before I could read
I understood the configuration of stars…
Before I could walk
I flew with the angels…
Before I could dance
I swam in vast oceans…
Before I could talk
your voice
was the harmony of my being…
Before I could taste
I was blessed
with the ambrosia
of awakening…
And when I came into being
I was gifted with
the unforced rhythms of grace…
Art by Antonia…



Because of great love…

“Because of great love, one is courageous.”
― Lao Tzu


the heartache lessens when I feel you here,
among the roses
where faith adheres…
and your voice whispers, calling me to believe,
I’m slowly rising
beginning to concede…

to favor that lives in the unknown,
along pathways
where I’ve quietly grown…



I was born very far from where I’m supposed to be,
and so I’m on my way home.”
― Bob Dylan,


tracks that lead nowhere
the sands of time…

I fall into perpetual motion
where destiny is sublime…

in visceral latitudes
only love
I’m just stopping over to sojourn with the saints…


Sunday sunshine…

flowers near the lagoon

Be as flexible as nonchalant winds,
as gentle as starlight,
as warm as dawn’s sunrise,
as kind as buds
against the light…
Be as calm as a trickle that flows, from the river to the seas,
as brave as a million birds,
flying through storms with ease …
as forgiving as eternal light
pouring out grace,
as merciful
as shady trees
held by earth’s embrace…
Be as joyful as
autumn’s leaves
letting loose,
as peaceful as summer grass putting down roots…
As generous as the moon’s soft glow
across your room,
as truthful
as present darkness,
revealing inner gloom… Be as magical as love that flows from living wells,
as abundant as the source of all things,
where miracles dwell…

As grateful as a thousand shells, washing up on shore,
in tune with cosmic rhythm,
be the Earth’s encore…



“the soul has been given its own ears
to hear things the mind does not understand!”
― Rumi, Rumi: Poems

inner stillness

I’m aroused
by words,
their power to create
or destroy,
like tiny molecules of perception
being deployed…
their particles fill thin air, with darkness or with light
it’s up to us to harness them
in doing…
our narrations
without judgment
or disguise,
remembering souls are beautiful and made wholly divine…

and in times
of inner stillness, when creation overflows,
thoughts become superfluous,
in the afterglow…


Let your superpower be Love…

let your superpower be love

Be the kind of human
who lifts others up,
and who does not force
vain opinions
on them, 
but listens
to the rhythm
of every heartbeat…
Touching hearts
with gentleness and kindness…
Be compassionate,
let your soul be moved by heartache
and suffering,
and search for the outcasts
that they too will know
that love still exists
in an uncaring world…

Be the one
who doesn’t think
too highly of oneself
but considers everyone equal,
for on the flat plains of humanity
and from a very great distance,
out past the stars
you will see light in every single Earthling,
in the vagrant,
the hurting…
Listen to their story…

Don’t allow haughty behavior
that makes others
feel inferior
or insignificant,
to brew for
one nanosecond in you,
and do not let it even come to the boil…
See the untouchables and
those who’ve failed miserably, embrace them
in uncomplaining
Non-judgemental silence…

In a world where physical appearance
holds too much weight,
be unbalanced,
bestow great compliments on those you may think unlovely,
and learn to see
with the eyes of your heart…
See the great beauty that lies within every divine being…

And where earthlings
see financial success as favor,
remind them that it’s merely worldly wealth,
it cannot be taken to eternity…

Show them the abundance of spiritual wealth that reaches into darkness
and does not return void…
In the quietness of each soul,
seek only the treasures of the divine…
For He said, “where your treasure is, there will be your heart also!”
Let those words move you,
resonate in you,
transform you into deep surrender, giving you a glimpse of
your eternal home…

So live generously,
seeing those in need always,
not scorning them in your superiority,
but transforming them
into vessels
of sacred belonging…

And when you depart from them
leave a little of the fragrance of love and kindness…
That in that instance
of knowing you
they will feel lighter,
more loved,
more accepted,
enlivened in their very being…

For a trace of exquisite beauty
exists in each and every Earthling…
Be radiant!
Let your superpower be love…….