Silent Sunday…

Liquid landscapes
visceral views
baptized by an anointed muse…

wild flowers on the vlei


With love from heaven…

“Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.”
― Henry David Thoreau, Walden

from heaven

I searched
for signs
in the undergrowth,
and heaven called,
gave me
her oath,
to bring me comfort 
and guard me
from despair,
a faithful messenger,
tender loving care…

To fill my days with waking dreams,
and infuse my nights with moonbeams…
To send glad tidings that all is well.
drenched in love
down to my cells…

Monday Meditation…

For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I have been fully known”

seeing dimly

I felt dimly
my reflection weak
abandoned moments
in light oblique…

Beyond expanse
within my bones
permeations unknown…

Exceeding the confines of my five senses
awakened vision,
freed of pretenses…

Delving deeply in a true reflection

The true ease of myself

“The Rose” by Theodore Roethke (1908-1963)
Near this rose, in this grove of sun-parched, wind-warped madronas,
Among the half-dead trees, I came upon
the true ease of myself,

As if another man appeared out of
the depths of my being,

And I stood outside myself,
Beyond becoming and perishing,
A something wholly other,
As if I swayed out on the wildest wave alive,
And yet was still.
And I rejoiced in being what I was

lily of the valley

Stepping backward in surprise
I see
reflective radiance all around me,
and within.

I can touch so deeply now,
feel so fully,
breathe so watchfully,
within knowing

I have been to
secret places
of stillness,
petal soft
shimmering vistas,
the true ease of myself
not in attachments
or appearances,
or needs to impress.

For when I’m uncomfortable in my own skin
around you,
I will shed,
and underneath the tender parts
I smart,
because I desire
to relinquish
duplicitous belief.

For now,
I am in harmony with all that is,
an earth symphony…
the lily of the valley
and pirouetting
in my own loveliness,
unblemished by temporal things,
I call out to you,
as you dart between my graceful finery,
to sup on my ambrosia.

You have tutored me
in the fine art of gratitude,
by gravity
or condemnation,
as you fly
and gather
and settle upon
my most exquisite flower.

You who are just as lovely as I,
you reach into my belonging,
our souls awash
with kindness
and compassion.
We are augurs of the divine,
not bound by structure
or affluence,
freed from intransigent belief,
just coalescing with the simplicity of being,
of loving
of praising,
alive in our own eternal essence…


Leave it all behind…

“I’ll decide
In a moment’s time
To turn away
Leave it all behind”
― Moby


Plunged into saffron ambiance, on luminescent plains,
watercolored tinctures,
freed from unbearable pain!

Absorbed by dew-eyed appearance, drenched in lavender shades,
from indigo vistas
I’m imbued in serenades….

Multicolored wonders in meadows of tomorrow,
brushing away the gravity of dreadful sorrow!

Ethereal impressions that made an imprint
the veil between us
becoming indistinct…

and from meandering estuaries,
warm tears have flowed
in crystal reservoirs, where limpid dreams explode!

Treasures of eternity move in a boundless expanse.
In diaphanous sunlight,
I merge with sacred dance!


A meeting of kindred minds…

“The path to the soul is through the heart.”
– Gary Zukav, The Seat of the Soul 

like minds

a meeting of kindred minds
to leave disconnection behind
and contemplate yonder bliss
with the tenderness of a lover’s kiss

aligned with sights and sounds
breathing space of love abounds
ushered into the reverence for life
in mediations of a soul’s respite