“Within tears, find hidden laughter
Seek treasures amid ruins, sincere one. ”
― Jalaludin Rumi

angel tears

was a bad day,
my faith
like ash…
in an inferno of grief
I smoldered
and crashed… then pressing
my breath
in darkness,
the impenetrable kind,
I unleashed secrets
that had tormented
my mind…
I claimed
as sorrow
bled through
my being,
flooding me with holiness,
and life’s
deeper meaning… and tears doused
the agony
quenching its flames…
in liquid surrender
I carried the remains…

image courtesy of PixaBay


It’s faith….#dayfour

Faith is believing in the unseen order of things…
-Glennon Doyle


It’s fragile confessions
uttered at dawn,
revelations that you can go on!

It’s the bleeding out
of every fear,
anthologies of copious tears,
it’s an inner creed,
faith unseen
it’s the hope that floats in the in-between!

It’s surrender,
it’s sacrifice,
a giving up of one’s very own life!
A deep awakening
from disbelief,
a gentle feeling of being released…



“Whoever finds love
beneath hurt and grief
disappears into emptiness
with a thousand new disguises”
― Jelalludin Rumi

what is your grief three

It’s the exhalation
from breathless lungs,
the suffocation
of songs unsung…
It’s vulnerability when 
you’re not awake,
a deep foreboding
you cannot shake…
an unfathomable longing
for the truth,
the heartbreak of what’s been consumed…
it’s veiled impressions,
it’s the unexpected outpouring of eternity…


What is your grief…#daytwo

grief 1

It’s a gentle awakening
from disbelief,
a quiet location for the bereaved,
tender moments that called me out,
sublime outlooks that dispelled doubt…
It’s the smell of composure in the afternoon,
sounds that echo across the lagoon…
It’s birds that chatter all day long,
And glorious visions that we all belong…


What is your grief…#Dayone

what is your grief one

It’s the hushed words
they never said,
the waking hours
of absolute dread…
it’s the countless dreams 
that did not wake,
the deafening silence
of earthshattering quakes…
yet it’s an utterance that still has wings,
it’s the bounty
of mysterious things…



If I were to tattoo myself with all the losses along the way
I would be a magnificent creation of art
and the beauty of souls
who have touched this skin
would be a remembrance 
of the incredible depths of love
penetrating my heart
in gratitude
of lives once lived
as each and every one
enlivens my being
with glorious memories…



Gone too soon

“The human soul doesn’t want to be advised or fixed or saved.
It simply wants to be witnessed.”
― Parker J. Palmer, A Hidden Wholeness: The Journey Toward an Undivided Life


Entanglements of sorrow,
crushing despair,
in each remembrance,
I find you there!

Undignified eruptions of a jumbled mind,
untold lamentations
are left behind…

I’m pressed into sadness
at the very core,
unraveled emotions splattered on the floor!

Picking myself up,
I spin out of control,
incoherent screams,
I cannot withhold…

Ranting in the hallways,
shouting at the moon
releasing the anguish,
“He’s gone to soon”…


Postscript….Going to the bank to settle his affairs,
a brutal reminder that he’s no longer here…………