At times…


At times I feel
the heaviness
of your physical absence,
and the intensity
my already fragile heart…

Leaden tears spill
in echo chambers,
clanging me into wakefulness…

Impassioned conversations
flood my imagination
on anguished nights,
and I wonder
if I’m forgiven for my part in all of this?
The words keep
turning over,
flushing through my brain
wounding me with imputation…

“what could I have done better?”

Just hollow words
bouncing off stars
trying to find their way to you,
they bear the resemblance
of confessions…
desiring expression,
in a morass of spewed out grief…

And I hear you say, almost out loud…
“Mom, you did everything right, I was never meant to stay!”

and I return to the arms of Morpheus…



Indigo forests…

“Whoever has learned how to listen to trees no longer wants to be a tree. He wants to be nothing except what he is. That is home. That is happiness.”
― Herman Hesse

portal in forest pixabay

she searched conversations
deep wounded silence,
she undressed her fears with poetic license…
though yesterday’s secrets
would not let her be,
she changed direction
one hundred and eighty degrees…

and she remembered the hollowness that had felt like death,
the gravity of dispossession that choked her breath,
and the prodigal never returned
to the haunted house,
in indigo forests
her petrified vows
were renounced…

and this knowing pulled her out of dark matter
back to light where untruth is scattered.

Image courtesy PixaBay…

Sleep walking…

sleep walking

Insensate disturbance
down the rabbit hole
formless abstractions
out of control

In corridors of oblivion
dolorous                  shadows walked
insomniac outlines
where apparitions     gawked

Unreal       deductions                      of a befuddled mind
garbled visitation
reality undefined…………………

A shrill starling woke me
in the soft morning light
breaking the spell
of a fragmented night!


Starlight reporter..

“Don’t underestimate the healing power of these three things…….Music, the ocean and the stars!”― Anonymous

starlight reporter

I’m a starlight reporter,
when twilight calls,
the mystical lingers while darkness sprawls…

I see the new moon rising and the evening star,
I wish upon belonging,
from ever so far….

and Venus is rising,
night descends,
a glory like no other,
a Cosmos without end…….

My senses are alive in this ambience of night,
magical elements,
that all will be alright!

And as I search the skies for lucent shooting stars,
I glimpse eternity,
on pathways beyond mars!

The backdrop of heaven is a radiant glow,
abundant luminosity
reminds me of what I know….

….that the Milky Way outshines
my temporal maladies,
while Electra winks from a faraway galaxy……………..


in the night….

Sometimes the night radiates through me,
and clanks open

darkness isolation
I’m distracted by the tonality of darkness,
the isolation.
I squint,
to observe
of lucidity.

Blizzards of desolation
my unbidden thoughts.

I’m perturbed
by mournful vibrations,
and I long
for images of another world.

In soporific state,
I forget
for a moment
that light
been here
transform me.


Father’s Day

“What I really want to tell him is to pick up that baby of his and hold her tight, to set the moon on the edge of her crib and to hang her name up in the stars!”
― Jodi Picoult


Yes, I’ve had dreams of you,
in tranquil shades of wordless wonderment,
where forgiveness brought me to my knees,
released this captive,
broke the chains.

I needed you to behold my countenance,
with parental pride,
to call me lovely,
and though I dissappointed you
my penance has been too long!

In pity now I fly,
back to where the bond
was shattered,
and here I am with heart in hand,
my subliminal memory
knows your sorry woes.

On the ground of instability,
you failed to recognize my worth,
but light has an immensity of healing,
no bitterness
darkens me.

On this day to your remembrance,
I’m free,
I’ve touched your immortal soul.
In reveries,
suffering is vanquished,
beyond the realms of lucid visions,
I dreamed you were watching over me…

Oh stars that shine,
you enabled,
to carry out my request,
and in the moon’s hallowed light
I see your eyes
proclaim me worthy.

Your pride outspoken in my dreams!