A spectacle of love

“… to be human
is to become visible
while carrying
what is hidden
as a gift to others…”
― David Whyte

horses 2

He made a spectacle of love,
the unscathed motion
of his words
fell on longing…

And those who sought his gaze
found trajectories of
devotion too astonishing
to pass by…

He was willing to let the world fall at his feet
but not without love,
without love
he was nothing!
an empty
an Earthling with no cause…

His honesty broke the canvas skies
he stood out,
though rejection wounded him
when they turned away

he became unknown…

and he sought answers
in despair
in folly,
finding mankind’s love

for in transitory barriers
of a broken Earth
love is too glib an expression
to pour out freely
to open,
sometimes even to believe…

You know that kind of love that remembers no wrongs
seeks not its own satisfaction,
to some
just a frail portrayal,
susceptible to stagnation…

His wait was not long

In shining vestibules
he grasped the perfection of love,
requiring nothing of him
but to be himself,
no need to clean up his act…

The pull was too strong
for him to resist
and he flew into belonging,
never again to be unwanted
or unloved
by those who
require absolution…

Bathed in the warm light of love his soul sung out and the energy of love transformed him,
spread him out across
the great expanse
like a shining vibrant jewel of color
and in cosmic waves of devotion
he awoke…

He was acceptable in the sight of love and his spirit eased,
for he knew all things,
and being immersed in the calming nature
of unconditional love

he became light……




“Sometimes it takes darkness and the sweet confinement of your aloneness
to learn anything or anyone that does not bring you alive is too small for you.”
― David Whyte


She was the sad line, in a romantic play,
foolish enough
to press replay.
She learned the narration off by heart
shattered composition,
no work of art…

She cried in umbra,
her description frail
stashed her belongings
in deathly vales,
and shadows hid her inadequacy,
then the movement of form
set her free…

Free from limitations
from hiding away
released from torment
from feeling afraid…
she was wholly adrift,
a wallflower
on a quest
to be

Their eyes discovered the transparency of gaze,
of crowded elements,
apparent clichés!

He didn’t complete her;
he imparted strength,
in tender formations
of holy breath…

Accolades have never made her feel known,
only great love
deep in the bones!!


Nature’s tongue…

“Heaven is a state of mind, not a location.”
― Wayne Dyer

my own self worth

In quiet spaces where radiance shines,
intoxicating essence
is naturally

I step a little closer
and my image
enthralled in the dialect
of Nature’s tongue…

I speak the language of this sacred Earth,
finding treasure,
in my own



He naturally swooned…

“So, I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you.”
― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

bavica 2

in the
of eloquent tunes,
she caught his gaze,
and he naturally

Elysian visions
the air,
and sighing
in charming flair…

Swept by
a stream
of delicate chords
two lovers
with one accord…

And they basked in
the light of a
resonant glow,
how tenderness


To Anna…

To my beloved godmother Anna ♡


She stepped into glory
her feet off the ground,
with heavenly anthems
and joyful sounds… Her mother
Her sister
Her husband was there,
delighted by her arrival
great love everywhere…
She blinked in the radiance
not believing her eyes,
when she saw their faces
not a tear did she cry… All suffering was gone,
her form became bright
in the splendor of eternity
perfect in His sight… A magnificent human
touched by the divine
living her years out
fully alive… Always happy to see me
she had real flare,
we’d hit the town,
like millionaires…
“Maybe anchovy toast
or Cappuccinos and cake,
We’ll spoil our figures,
Oh dear, it’s too late!
Maybe try on some dresses,
I’ll help with the zip,
But oh my darling
It won’t
go over my hips…
Let’s splash out and buy some woolies treats
It won’t really matter
if we have a little cheat
You only live once
I would hear her say
Let’s enjoy the blessings
of another day… I’ll miss your magnificence
and your elegant style
your sense of humor,
and endearing smile…
Your kindness
Your generosity
Your repartee
I’ll treasure the moments
each happy memory… Go and rock heaven and enjoy the feast,
with resplendent soirees
that never cease… I know your safe in the arms of our Lord
above heavenly throngs
can you hear my applause?…


To love is to cover all wounds…

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.”― Mahatma Gandhi

to love is to cover all wounds

To love ♡
is to cover all wounds
with the fragrance of the sweetest perfume…
Scattered on holy winds
a treasure found
in simple things
Where gratitude is overheard
in the delight of forgiving words…
Inhaled by the majestic Earth
Coalescing with her blessed mirth!



Stick with love…

stick with love

Hatred and anger
is everywhere,
bringing dissension,
causing despair.
Eating Earthlings alive,
when animosity collides!

Look up to the skies
and you’ll be surprised,
that love is all around,
in fragrant air,
in every sound.
When all of nature sings,
the smell of flowers in early spring.
Reaching up to the heavens,
pouring down
untold blessings,
swallows on a summer’s day,
assuaging your dismay.

Just seek
and you will find
maybe it’ll blow your mind.
Spread it on real thick,
an outpouring can do the trick.
Fall in love every day,
with Earthlings along the way,
see it in their smiles
if needs be…
go the extra mile.

Understand their fears,
a little magic
may just appear.
You’ll feel it
in the undergrowth
when those you secretly loathe,
burst forth into shining light,
and becoming bright!

Love instead of hate
before it’s too late!!