Gone to the dogs…

Our new Furbaby…

our new fur baby

The fur on my clothes
is happy fur
full of tenderness
and cuddles
a jump-start
my heart
so desperately

and my couch
has taken on
different contours
and smells
of dog breath

The house is festooned
with leaves
and dust
dragged in
from breezy walks
by gentle paws.

I have
to the shambles
of doggy footprints
and lavish kisses
and tangled manes,
from early morning
wake up calls
and late night
in the dark.

I think
I’m still
barking up the
wrong tree
when I say
“look what the cat dragged in!”

it’s just that
have liquefied
my heart!



I promise I’m not afraid!


When ghosts and goblins come out
I promise
I’m not afraid,
my harrowing demeanor
is anything
but cliché.
I’m hiding in the corner
when apparitions
I’m screaming in the closet
when they are in a trance.
I’m the jumpy passenger
on the hall of horrors train.
I’m the lunatic
in the asylum
when everyone goes insane!
I don’t do well with skeletons
or the living dead,
on Halloween, you’ll find me snuggled in my bed….

And when the monsters party
and shriek through the house
I’m just here for the candy
or something


I plan to throw leaves…

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?”
― Mary Oliver

a leaves throw

I plan to throw leaves,
keep my ear to the ground,
chant my anthem, till the real me resounds!
Swim in the ocean on the incoming tide,
keep my mind open
to the other side.

I’ll greet new mercies,
let bitterness
go down,
be love and peace, when hatred abounds!

I promise to lie under the trees,
gaze up at heaven,
till disquiet flees.
And memorize the moments when blessing are poured,
and in my heart,
only love will I hoard!

I’ll remember to voice my gravest concerns,
then fly into silence,
with gentler words.
When gratitude stands and bangs at my door,
I’ll let her in,
and sing her encore.

If confronted by suffering I’ll take your hand,
break open the wound
until we both understand.
I’ll forgive those who harm me,
and try not to judge,
count to one hundred,
so I don’t hold a grudge!

Seasons will come and seasons will go
I’ll live the abundance of life’s ebb and flow….


Thank you

Thank you to everyone who sends me kind wishes, thoughts and prayers….
Your messages mean so much to me!

This is me with my Eldest son and my cat Ziggy-Stardust…
ally ryan and ziggy
“Heaven” turned up,
I’m astonished again,
Angelic auras, radiance transcends….

Signs and wonders,
brighten my soul,
darkness whispers,
“no need to control”!

Guides in half-light when all seems lost,
quiet declarations
my path crossed.

Messages of love embroider the air,
concern and caring,
kind hearted prayers.
Thoughts have wings and soar over the seas,
glowing compassion,
brings me relief!


a little bit of crazy

Day twenty…..http://www.napowrimo.net/
“Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.”
― Rumi

aliitle b of cray cray

i hope you all realiZe by now, that i don’t really know what i’m dOing…

pOEtic licEnce iS mY tHinG,
Of cHaOtic fOrm.

stanzas, verses,
lyrics inside. cathartic emotiOns. crimsOn designs.
i strum and hum an inner tune. discard words.
sometimes fume!

i rhyme
i dOn’t
i scribble sacred words
i make sense
and i SOUND absurd

you like it
you don’t
that’s okay
my egO caught fire, but i’m dousing the flames.
though sparks in the embers will always rEmain!

thank you for fOllowing and responding with care, for plunging into daydreams and my seas of despair…..
i sEE other worlds
through my computer screen
a mystic porthole of hopes and dreams
flOwers, vistas, cities and towns…………..it’s all quite wonderful when i LOOK around.

i get up in the morning and see sun, birds, and wOrds
i drink my COFFEE.
i make the bed.
i remember. i forget          and harmony       sometimes                  occurs….

i try to fathom the meaning of life      waking            SLEEPING             contemplating the Divine

this is my anthem………………you can hum alOng!


poetry month

Autumn at play

Day sixteen…http://www.napowrimo.net/

“It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.”
― Tom RobbinsStill Life with Woodpecker

autumn at play

Timid butterflies twirl, while birds eagerly play,
leaves are frolicking, on this gleeful Autumn day!

I’m gliding with the moment of nonchalant thought,
in the delicate light, where flirtatious winds cavort,

Fluffy clouds saunter across opaque skies,
unrestrained rhythm, where no rules apply.

I let down my hair, and dance freely in the breeze,
lost in the ambience, of playful reveries!


poetry month