Cheeky Florets…

“Like wildflowers, you must allow yourself to grow
in all the places people thought you never would.”
― E.V
sassy florets

Growing in the shadows,
the untamed in bloom,
delicately placed
they timidly loom…
arising from foliage,
eclipsing shrubs,
cheeky florets sticking out their tongue…




Five Years…

I’ve been here for five years now.
I was entirely a dreamer when I started out! (nothing has changed)
Never in my wildest dreams did I believe that I would have so many followers.
(725 and counting)
I started out with a  few friends and one family member who I think felt it was their duty to read my kind of crazy…

I didn’t go into it with a long term plan or really any plan…(I’m not good at goal setting)
My hope was to find myself, spread a little love and be inspired!

As it turns out, I’ve made many friends along the way, lost some (just recently our beloved Natalie from
and some have found a life outside blogging. (Is it really possible?)
I still miss them terribly.
(I hope you are reading this wherever you are)

It has been quite an emotional and enlightening rollercoaster ride
of valleys, hell holes, mountaintops, and blue skies…

I was hoping that by now I would be making an income from my WordPress blog.
(still dreaming)…
but alas I need quite a few hits…(too numerous to mention)
Eight cents just won’t pay the bills! 😉

So I’m still here, hopefully still rocking, waxing lyrical and talking out loud…
believing in my own stuff and trying my hardest to be real.

Thank you to all those who follow me, comment and like my posts.
You mean the world to me, and if it wasn’t for you guys,
I wouldn’t have stayed so long…
I’ve been inspired, encouraged, mesmerized, captivated, amused, entertained and consoled.

wordpress 5 years

I come from…

Day eleven…


I come from the soil of Africa
where animals roam the plains,
from land snatched by colonizers,
from blood-soaked terrains…

I come from undeserved privilege,
enshrouded in my bones,
I come from sanguinary struggle,
calling out to be known…

I come from the blindness, of unconscious tribes,
I come from heinous conflict and prejudice that divides…

I come from a garden city,
where warm reservoirs flow,
from the desire of ancestors,
shaped by flesh and bone…

I come from dysfunction and secretive things,
a flawed Earthling, with invisible wings…

I come from intellectualism,
craving to be known,
born a relentless dreamer,
struck by moonstone!

I come from academics, with trophies to boast,
I come from the acquiescence of voiceless revolts…

I come from
the Divine dance,
my true self in hiding,
I come from sacred innocence
a mystical arising…

I come from beyond the stars
wiping out isolation,
I come from halcyon outlooks,
an evolving generation…

I come from colors, that spill across skies,
I come from majestic landscapes,
and lights that crystallize…

I come from wildflowers
from osseous matter,
magical anointings,
I come from grace that’s scattered

I come from the sonority of consciousness seeing,
I come from creation
transmuted by deeper meaning…


Living in the slow lane…

Day nine… bringing some perspective…

slow lane

waking to exuberant birds
hoping to unearth wise words…

things to do
at a snail’s pace
hushed observations
summoning grace
cleaning bathrooms
making beds
humdrum chores
with my head…

lengthy tea breaks
tasty lunch
noon siestas
helps a bunch…

no choir to sustain
tedious tasks
and scrubbing drains…

touching paints
as they vibrate
perceived images
it’s getting late
the colors swirl
and form thoughts
ideas flow
into feelings caught…

walking down country roads
butterflies lighten heavy loads
and sprinkle hope
on my jaded past
movement of sun is fading fast
birds tweet and call out
believing them
without a doubt
entwined in nature’s flings
encountering wasps
avoiding stings…

dinner requires me to be present
it never was a cosmic event
cutting beans
shredding cabbage
stuck in mundane habits…

have I found enlightened living
daily chants and thanks-giving…

fluffy pillows
soft breath
quiet dreams
I lay my head
beneath starlight
the moon waves
another day of being brave…


Child of the Universe…

“You are a child of the universe,
no less than the trees and the stars;
you have a right to be here.
And whether or not it is clear to you,
no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.”
― Max Ehrmann, Desiderata: A Poem for a Way of Life


on my childhood
when I first believed…
in fairies and magic,
and glory revealed…So innocent and whimsical,
I could see outside myself,
when love was all that mattered
and dreams were heartfelt…

Before the world changed me
and robbed me of joy,
I marveled at seedlings,
an intrepid tomboy…

Before I knew war and hate
or the taste of grief,
I lived in a bubble of unshakable belief…
that flowers blossomed to please me
and animals could speak,
when oceans were safe to swim
and freckles kissed my cheeks…

Before I felt unlovely
when magic was real,
the lyrics of love songs
had astonishing appeal…

I lived in the moment
a dreamy little girl
nothing could touch me in this mystical world…

The stars in the heavens shone brightly for me;
no Earthling
to steal
my curiosity…

I loved adventure
and talking with my pets,
uncontaminated by shame
or dreadful regrets…
Lemonades on weekend’s
expeditions on my bike
unafraid to swim out far,
or realize that
I disliked…
greedy humans,
or feelings of despair,
I believed in kindness,
and that every Earthling cared…

I yearn to be restored into flawless vision,
to dance with the wind,
freed of ambition…

But my soul remembered
the pact that I made,
to be chiseled
and broken,
to discard the masquerade…

A child of the Universe,
steeped in grace,
free to love
and forever embrace…the wonders of eternity and the beauty of all the Earth…
This is the story
of how I reclaimed my birth…


You know the feeling?

You know the feeling of yourself deep inside that hasn’t really changed since you were a boy?” I said. “The way you have felt the same to yourself as a young man, in middle age, and even now? It’s kind of transparent: you know what it is, but it’s hard to put your finger on it. You can just relax your mind into that feeling and ride out through it. The body comes apart, but you can rest in who you have always been.” ~Mark Epstein


she had this feeling deep inside
the kind of magic
that’s hard to hide…

The girl,
she used to be,
letting her see…
blue skies,
fluffy clouds,
hearts that chime
and beat out loud…

like when her ear is to the ground,
and vibrations of

When awoken in,
darkest hour,
paths sprinkled

To scribble down her deepest woes,
to feel despair
into the toes,
to free herself  from Earthly fears,
to swoop and dance
and be sincere…

To talk of dreams,
how to survive,
in atmospheres of being alive…

knowing this,
is not all there is,
in narratives of sublime bliss…


Gone to the dogs…

Our new Furbaby…

our new fur baby

The fur on my clothes
is happy fur
full of tenderness
and cuddles
a jump-start
my heart
so desperately

and my couch
has taken on
different contours
and smells
of dog breath

The house is festooned
with leaves
and dust
dragged in
from breezy walks
by gentle paws.

I have
to the shambles
of doggy footprints
and lavish kisses
and tangled manes,
from early morning
wake up calls
and late night
in the dark.

I think
I’m still
barking up the
wrong tree
when I say
“look what the cat dragged in!”

it’s just that
have liquefied
my heart!