Infuse me with sunshine…

“Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.”
― Henry David Thoreau, Waldenimbue

infuse me
with sunshine,
let my breath be still,
pour me into reservoirs
until i’ve had my fill…
imbue me with kindness,
shade me with grace,
be the scent
of earthen tracts,
enclosed in love’s embrace…

reaching skywards, touching wispy clouds
spread out
in belonging,
heavenly light abounds…



In the hallway…

“Death is our wedding with eternity.”
― Rumi

in the hallway

In the hallway, I caught my breath,
of glowing fusions
that held not death…
the walls around me whispered his name,
echoing faintly
I did the same…

and from the darkness, I silently stepped
from affliction
mine eyes have wept…

Blowing kisses, I knelt in truth
favor me
this afternoon…
lead me out of imbedded dread
be my guidance
be my tread…
hold me gently
when I weep,
lay beside me when I sleep…

Silver chords that touch the skies, be the crystals of my eyes,
dreams have carried me away,
be my heartbeat
when I pray…
from enclosures where death be said
be eternity
of which he’s wed…

image courtesy of Desi…


Heart-shaped Raindrops…

heart shaped raindrops

I want to write letters
on the beach
to you,
postmarked “heaven”
and watch
as the tide
gentle carries them away
into the cosmic seas… to be lovingly read
by Time Lords
over and over,
scripted on celestial plains…
to be returned
to me
as heart-shaped raindrops
on my window…



Look at the skies
what do you see?
and tapestries…

messages sent
on sanguine winds,
signs and wonders
that tingle the skin…

smoke signals
to bring good news,
we can’t refuse…

with upward gaze
I realized,
a hope that goes
the panorama
of a wider lens,
lifts me out of temporal trends…



I wait to be light….✿Rumi

light and darkness

I’m not really anything,
but a soul
afloat in a sea of flesh,
experiencing contrasts of light and darkness,
love and hatred,
war and peace,
trying to clamber my way back to you.
craving reunion…

I was with you before the foundation of the Earth
when my soul was pure
and unschooled…

I descended into form
wanting to be sentient
to be moved
to be given choice
to become the likeness of you…

Gravity kept pulling me back
to my earthen roots
to my soul’s evolution…

with love as my only quest,
I have been able to see
with the eyes of my heart,
that in the depths
of terrible affliction
sacredness truly exists…

I am washed
in translucent starlight,
arrayed with invisible wings,
and each time I return to light
I am grounded
in the truth of being…

should I be purged
of all darkness,
or should I just keep remembering
from whence
I came? …



I’ll write you a letter….

dance in the particles

I’ll write you a letter,
promise you’ll reply,
tell me of the angels that color the skies…

the sadness still lingers,
lays heavy on my chest,
I’m broken in pieces
though I have acquiesced
to what has been given
sensing you’re not gone
you live in the ether,
the great beyond…

I’ll abide in the silence so that I feel your voice,
call out the darkness
when my eyes are still moist…

Send your messengers,
write on leaves,
whisper at daybreak,
I promise to believe…
and I’ll treasure each rainbow,
collect every beam,
I’ll skip through puddles,
and grow cosmic dreams…

Just keep on scribbling your yarn in the skies,
dance in the particles before my eyes,
and when the day’s over and my soul is at rest,
stay in the fabric
of wondrousness…

Touch the essence of divinity,
open my heart to epiphanies,
and as the words gather,
teach me your ways
let my mind wander
into ceaseless praise…