A bright star…

“We come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars like dust.”
― Rumi

stars 4

Did you remember who you were before the wars?
when sweet waters
washed up on every shore…
when you deciphered the patterns in the skies,
before the estrangement,
before the lies…

When love was as plain as day
before harsh words caused dismay…

unacquainted with darkness or form,
your essence shone like a meteor swarm…

a bright star
entering physical plains,
crashing to earth
you bravely
incarnated from cosmic realms,
sent to
expand love
where humans dwell…

Have you forgotten your reason for being?
when love was all you ever believed…

Before the great suffering,
before strife…
when every soul was

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Seeing dimly…

“Remember when you were young?
You shone like the Sun…”
― Pink Floyd

the cadence of your voice

This photographic memory is etched in cloudy glass,
echoing through time,
sprinkled with flowers
the color of the skies
and soft breezes
sweeping me into abstractions…

we were perched on the asphalt in nonchalant conversation,
hanging on words…
not knowing then
that these fragments
should have been collected
and their vibrations documented…

though my heart
clearly remembers
the cadence of your voice that day,
the words
have evanesced into the ether…

And Time Lords came
and gathered them up
to record in great vaults
for perpetuity…

I still feel the echo
of them
resonate in
the silence of a cosmic imagination…

but now the conversations are
whispers in my head
speaking tenderly,

and invariably I hope
they are you….



The stars are quiet…

“It’s no use going back to yesterday because I was a different person then.”
― Lewis Carroll

I’m taking
deep breaths
pausing in silence
searching for borogoves
with peculiar guidance…
I’m hidden in the undergrowth
breaking daylight
as I go,
hoping darkness will ignite
my standing in staccato… And I’ll sow
and tread
and break this fast
before daylight rises,
and it’s all
of everything
I dread
when the stars are quiet…


Can words heal?

“Drink your tea slowly and reverently, as if it is the axis on which the world earth revolves – slowly, evenly, without rushing toward the future.”
― Thich Nhat Hanh

zeb drinking tea

Can words heal,
do they reveal light,
have you glimpsed infinity on sleepless nights?

Will you promise to go out
and watch the stars,
and quietly appreciate how breathtaking you are?

Will you spend your days
worshiping the sun,
smelling fragrant flowers, till each day is done?

Do you promise to believe that you belong
to a benevolent universe
and join the throng
of lovers,
conveyers of light!
and sing with them “I will feel all right”…

Will, you promise to relish your tea each day,
drink in the sights
go to cabarets?…

and know that deep within your soul
you’re not alone
and be consoled
by celestial beings
that guide your way,
bring back the radiance that has turned to gray!….




“Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?”
― Charles Bukowski


She was way too alluring
to go unnoticed,
captured by expressions
of a poet’s diagnosis…
gazing in windows
through breathtaking eyes
she dropped the pretense
the veiled disguise…
of who
she thought
she was meant to be
in someone else’s fantasy…

and the explosion of truth was a supernova,
spilling her wounds of ambrosia…

From darkened quarters
her resistance diffused,
and she radiated the credence of faith transfused…

in confessions, beneath unmasked eyes,
her fluency became immortalized…

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Let your superpower be Love…

let your superpower be love

Be the kind of human
who lifts others up,
and who does not force
vain opinions
on them, 
but listens
to the rhythm
of every heartbeat…
Touching hearts
with gentleness and kindness…
Be compassionate,
let your soul be moved by heartache
and suffering,
and search for the outcasts
that they too will know
that love still exists
in an uncaring world…

Be the one
who doesn’t think
too highly of oneself
but considers everyone equal,
for on the flat plains of humanity
and from a very great distance,
out past the stars
you will see light in every single Earthling,
in the vagrant,
the hurting…
Listen to their story…

Don’t allow haughty behavior
that makes others
feel inferior
or insignificant,
to brew for
one nanosecond in you,
and do not let it even come to the boil…
See the untouchables and
those who’ve failed miserably, embrace them
in uncomplaining
Non-judgemental silence…

In a world where physical appearance
holds too much weight,
be unbalanced,
bestow great compliments on those you may think unlovely,
and learn to see
with the eyes of your heart…
See the great beauty that lies within every divine being…

And where earthlings
see financial success as favor,
remind them that it’s merely worldly wealth,
it cannot be taken to eternity…

Show them the abundance of spiritual wealth that reaches into darkness
and does not return void…
In the quietness of each soul,
seek only the treasures of the divine…
For He said, “where your treasure is, there will be your heart also!”
Let those words move you,
resonate in you,
transform you into deep surrender, giving you a glimpse of
your eternal home…

So live generously,
seeing those in need always,
not scorning them in your superiority,
but transforming them
into vessels
of sacred belonging…

And when you depart from them
leave a little of the fragrance of love and kindness…
That in that instance
of knowing you
they will feel lighter,
more loved,
more accepted,
enlivened in their very being…

For a trace of exquisite beauty
exists in each and every Earthling…
Be radiant!
Let your superpower be love…….