Can words heal?

“Drink your tea slowly and reverently, as if it is the axis on which the world earth revolves – slowly, evenly, without rushing toward the future.”
― Thich Nhat Hanh

zeb drinking tea

Can words heal,
do they reveal light,
have you glimpsed infinity on sleepless nights?

Will you promise to go out
and watch the stars,
and quietly appreciate how breathtaking you are?

Will you spend your days
worshiping the sun,
smelling fragrant flowers, till each day is done?

Do you promise to believe that you belong
to a benevolent universe
and join the throng
of lovers,
conveyers of light!
and sing with them “I will feel all right”…

Will, you promise to relish your tea each day,
drink in the sights
go to cabarets?…

and know that deep within your soul
you’re not alone
and be consoled
by celestial beings
that guide your way,
bring back the radiance that has turned to gray!….




“Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?”
― Charles Bukowski


She was way too alluring
to go unnoticed,
captured by expressions
of a poet’s diagnosis…
gazing in windows
through breathtaking eyes
she dropped the pretense
the veiled disguise…
of who
she thought
she was meant to be
in someone else’s fantasy…

and the explosion of truth was a supernova,
spilling her wounds of ambrosia…

From darkened quarters
her resistance diffused,
and she radiated the credence of faith transfused…

in confessions, beneath unmasked eyes,
her fluency became immortalized…

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Let your superpower be Love…

let your superpower be love

Be the kind of human
who lifts others up,
and who does not force
vain opinions
on them, 
but listens
to the rhythm
of every heartbeat…
Touching hearts
with gentleness and kindness…
Be compassionate,
let your soul be moved by heartache
and suffering,
and search for the outcasts
that they too will know
that love still exists
in an uncaring world…

Be the one
who doesn’t think
too highly of oneself
but considers everyone equal,
for on the flat plains of humanity
and from a very great distance,
out past the stars
you will see light in every single Earthling,
in the vagrant,
the hurting…
Listen to their story…

Don’t allow haughty behavior
that makes others
feel inferior
or insignificant,
to brew for
one nanosecond in you,
and do not let it even come to the boil…
See the untouchables and
those who’ve failed miserably, embrace them
in uncomplaining
Non-judgemental silence…

In a world where physical appearance
holds too much weight,
be unbalanced,
bestow great compliments on those you may think unlovely,
and learn to see
with the eyes of your heart…
See the great beauty that lies within every divine being…

And where earthlings
see financial success as favor,
remind them that it’s merely worldly wealth,
it cannot be taken to eternity…

Show them the abundance of spiritual wealth that reaches into darkness
and does not return void…
In the quietness of each soul,
seek only the treasures of the divine…
For He said, “where your treasure is, there will be your heart also!”
Let those words move you,
resonate in you,
transform you into deep surrender, giving you a glimpse of
your eternal home…

So live generously,
seeing those in need always,
not scorning them in your superiority,
but transforming them
into vessels
of sacred belonging…

And when you depart from them
leave a little of the fragrance of love and kindness…
That in that instance
of knowing you
they will feel lighter,
more loved,
more accepted,
enlivened in their very being…

For a trace of exquisite beauty
exists in each and every Earthling…
Be radiant!
Let your superpower be love…….

What if…

“There’s nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be…”
― John Lennon

what if

What if I could have you back again
what would it mean?
If your body was raised from the dead
would I be manipulating time?
And if I could hold you would I be imposing my will?
And for a minute would all the particles realign?

Would history change, if I demanded my way,
and would I be able to see all things
and in that knowing
would I change my mind?

What if I could have you back again
would you want to leave perfect peace behind
to be weighed down once more
by your physical body?

Would I want my will to be done,
so that I could have you back again
and would it only be
for selfish reasons?

Why would I want to have you back again,
when I know eternity is beautiful
and your form is filled with light
and you are free!

So, what if I could have you back again,
would I be mistrusting God’s plan?

And if I continuously question your death
does it mean I have stopped believing in a safe Universe
and do I think that God doesn’t know what He is doing?

Would I want to take you from the fragrance
of His loving-kindness,
would I want you to be burdened,
no longer free
no longer safe
no longer in the arms of the Divine?

And in this tragic circumstance
would I really want to change anything,
and anyway
is it really tragic to change worlds
to float amongst the stars
to be full of light
and surrounded and encapsulated by love?

I would not want you back again if it meant I was subverting the perfect Universal plan…

Recipe for removal of bitterness…

I was going to participate in the poetry month for April but I realize it takes up so much of my time, so I’m going to do it intermittently… 🙂
This is my recipe for April the first! (one day late)

recipe for bitterness

Mix in sweet gratitude and let it seep…
Take dollops
of surrender
And pour in deep…
Let presence enfold you
immersing the pain,
on a low heat of forgiveness
whisk in the remains…
of grace and mercy,
with heapfuls of love,
blended with compassion,
and using kit gloves,
sharpness will boil away, as you ladel out blessings
count them very slowly,
it may be messy…
it may take courage to let it dissolve,
bake on high and
you will evolve…

bitterness is removed
with loads of patience
serve with love
and dedication…

A Slippery slope…

“Be love, so much love that when others are with you they are love too!”
Paul Selig, I Am the Word

slippery slope

You used your words to diminish us,
to belittle us
from your high towers 
of knowledge,
of superiority…
In callous sounds and gestures
you brought unkindness to our hurting world,
that broke our hearts…
You would not listen to our beliefs, you took no time of day
to hear us out,
hubris had dulled your thinking
arrogance had taken hold
grasped not peace…
And He told of your resonance, as a clanging gong,
when pride had set the stage,
when you disparaged us…
And we peered into the utter emptiness of your soul
that day,
And it scared us beyond belief!
And He declared if we have not love
We are nothing…

Angels fear those grounds where love fails to exist,
a slippery slope
into hollow worship of the egoic mind,
self-salvation projects
running riot…
Forgetting who our God really is…
You slept only with doctrines of men…
oblivious of His creation
and messengers of faith…

Yet He still shines His eternal light of love in those lofty places where darkness gathers,
Seeking to upend you
To break you wide open
And to scatter you
So that your dead bones dance
And the letting of your blood transforms you into something lovely
Something sacred
That pain may bring you back to your senses
More than your physical body
Awakened in the very deepest part of your soul…

And in those days of reckoning
You will understand
The outcast
He will cease to be scorned and invisible to you
And You will see his holy light
You will feel his dreadful shame
In the very pit of you
You will remember how you turned away
And then you will be given the power to reach into his substance
And know
Once and for all
that we are all one in the radiance of God’s love…

Disclaimer…The ranting of a lover of the Light!